About Me

My name is Jiabao (Isaac) Lin.

I am enthusiastic about open source, interested in Finance and Computer Science and Cryptocurrency, and sometimes get my needed data with Web Crawling techniques.

About Here

Here, I host this blog to share what I have learned, and what I am currently focused on. There are mainly 3 types of things I will share:

  1. Things that have never been shared and cannot be searched,
  2. Knowledges that are rarely shared in a particular language, but I feel the need to preach, and
  3. Functions which I spent a lot of time searching in Chinese and English contexts, and realizing. I will write a short article to note down (with all references) for other’s reference, and it is also convenient for my future reproduction.

I will not waste my time copying and pasting other people’s works, nor will I waste your time and the search engine’s layout. Because I hate writing and copying and pasting repeated garbage to destroy the environment of Internet, all the articles you can see are my original works.

I speak and write in both Chinese and English, the language of the posts depends on whom I would like to share my ideas with.


I was a student of Finance in my undergraduate years, and learned almost everything about programming from others’ repositories on GitHub in my spare time. Reading their codes and issues, cloning their repositories and deploying them on my personal computer helped me know more and more about programing stuff. Currently, I am a graduate student in Computer Science and I know I love this field.

Current Focus

I am currently working on an open-source database about COVID-19 infection data, which is based on my real-time crawler, because I would like to at least contribute something to overcome this epidemic. I also provided an hourly-updated data warehouse and a personal-hosted real-time API on my server, it has already been called more than 14 million times since January 31, 2020. For me, the contribution I could make is to help the researchers to get the latest and structured data as soon and precise as possible, and they will consequently be able to work on the data with the least effort and share the results.

Future Blueprint

In the near future, I have 2 open-source projects which I would like to work on.

  • API wrapper for the top-ranked cryptocurrency exchange
  • Automatics to crawl and high-light the information about today’s financial market, automatically update them on the website. P.S. I have already made a GUI version of this project, which is BlankerL/Market-Report-Generator, but there are too many dependencies and can only run on Windows, so I would like to offer a website version of it.


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